14 mars 2011

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The Article below is take from my website and I wrote this in 2004/2005...I would like to share it :) XX

I would like to share with you a perspective I have been brought to through many years of active spiritual development practice. I have worked with Spiritual Guides and Light Beings; studied the mythological, mystical, magickal and metaphysical; meditated; worked with Shamanic techniques; observed the Universe around me and experienced a few moments of what I can only call ‘perfect clarity’.

Through my spiritual work I have accessed memories, knowledge and wisdom that is outside the scope of what it is possible to ascertain through non-spiritual methods. I feel truly blessed to have been able to gain this insight during my lifetime and wish to share the blessing of this perspective with others.

I hope that my words will at least stimulate your interest and inspire you to seek out the truth for yourself.

We are multi-dimensional beings and the fundamental ‘Source’ or ‘Universal Life Force’ energy is reflected through us on EVERY level of our being. This ‘Source’ may be known by many other names: Universal Love, Universal Light, God, The Goddess, The Divine, Spiritual Light, Spirit, Chi, Ki, Prana, Odic Energy, Orgone Energy, Ond…the list is virtually endless.

At the level of the Source, all things are connected – though sharing a common source does not make everything/everyone the same! We are multi-dimensional beings and every one of us is absolutely unique.

By ‘multi-dimensional’, I mean that we are made up of many energy layers that vibrate at different rates and exist simultaneously on different levels of reality; these different levels of reality may be referred to as other ‘dimensions’, ‘planes’ or ‘levels of consciousness’. Our complete nature extends to levels we can’t even imagine while our consciousness/awareness resides in the physical body. There truly is more to each one of us than meets the (physical) eye!

In the West, we tend to distinguish the physical body from the ‘the soul’, considering it to be less important when we are thinking spiritually – and ‘the be all and end all’ when we are not! When taking a holistic or spiritual view, no such distinction can be drawn.

The vibratory rate of the energy that forms the physical body is much slower than other levels that compose the whole being. Our physical body seems to us to be more ‘real’ than other levels of our being because while we are experiencing incarnation in the physical world, our consciousness is tuned to the physical world and resides (most of the time) in the physical body. The physical aspect of our being is the aspect that allows us to fully experience the physical dimension but while we are ‘tuned-in’ to this level, we are largely ‘tuned out’ of other levels of our being.

When we move on from this physical plane to a ‘higher’ level (through spiritual development work, meditation or following death of the physical body), the ‘vehicle’ (body) in which our consciousness resides is of a higher vibration than the one we currently occupy.

At death, when we completely move on from our physical incarnation the dimension we move to will be of a higher vibration than the physical dimension we are currently living in is. Our consciousness will simply be moving to a different level of our being. This level is not ‘new’; it doesn’t suddenly come into existence when we die; it is part of who we are all the time. The different facets that comprise our entire being exist simultaneously – it is only the location of our consciousness that determines our perception and experience.

In view of the fact that we are of a multi-faceted/multi-dimensional nature, consider what we may experience following the death of the physical body. When we move to a different dimension after the death, we will not be entering some ‘indistinct’ or ‘hazy’ existence. We will not suddenly disappear out of existence. We won’t suddenly lose our conscious awareness. Rather, those things we perceive and experience now, will be perceived and experienced at a different level of consciousness; a different perspective. The life we enter will be as ‘real’ as we perceive our current incarnation to be. In addition to this, given the extensive nature of each human being, on some level, we are already there – we may not be aware of it most of the time, but that is only because our consciousness doesn’t currently reside in that level of our being.

Meditation, prayer and working with systems of spiritual development such as Reiki or Shamanism, may enable a person to develop their awareness so that they may tune into or catch glimpses of these other levels of consciousness during physical incarnation. This direct experience of higher consciousness can develop and inform our beliefs and bring us to deeper understanding of our true nature, thereby enhancing our lives with an inner peace and truer perspective that may otherwise elude us.

So let’s recap and have a think about the Universe we live in. We are multi-dimensional beings, existing in a multi-dimensional Universe. We are more than we seem; and so is the Universe. All dimensions/planes of existence emanate from the same Universal Source. They are all expressions of the same Universal Source. Although different dimensions may seem to be distinct from each other (because while our consciousness is tuned into a particular level we are tuned-out of others), they are actually all part of the same Universe. We are part of this multi-dimensional Universe.

In that case, everything and everyone (seen and unseen) that exists in the Universe is a unique expression of one Universal Source. Consequently, all things are fundamentally connected to each other; we are connected to the world; all the people and animals and everything in it; to the solar system; to beings of higher consciousness that exist on other dimensions/planes (whatever these may be in your own belief system).

With all things in the Universe being expressions of the Source – from Angels to pebbles – why do we consider the physical body to be something so very different and less sacred than the spirit? Why do we consider that ‘heaven’ is more sacred than ‘earth’? Why do we consider that the physical reality is more real than the reality of the spirit?

Each and every individual and every detail that composes a person (includingthe physical body) is a unique expression/manifestation of the Universal Source. There cannot be anything intrinsically ‘wrong’ with our design any more than a worm or a star or a tree can be ‘wrong’. We may veer from our original ‘blueprint’ and do things that aren’t right for us that cause us problems – but the Source is perfect and complete – and we are of the Source.

We can gain some insight into the Source that is expressed through us, by looking around us – at nature, the world, the whole physical Universe around us. The physical Universe is growing; space has been shown not to be ‘nothing’ after all but to be full of energy with all kinds of potential; all life on the earth continues to evolve around us; plants grow, mature, die and their death creates the fertile soil that can then support the growth of other plants. The Source was within the seed before the plant grew; it was with the plant as it grew and matured; it was within the plant when died and is within the soil that will sustain another plant. The Source is never depleted – it continually grows and develops – transforming and evolving under its own volition. And being of the Source, deep within us is the spiritual instinct to do the same.

When you look at the world around you, remember that fundamentally – on some level, YOU are as perfect as all other manifestations of the Source. Look at the weather, the sky, the stars, the flowers, trees and animals and see that there is nothing ‘wrong’ there. Every drop of rain and every grain of sand is unique and perfect; the Source is reflected in all things, as it is reflected in you.

Remember that somewhere underneath the demands of instinct and ego-driven behaviour, you are a perfect and completely unique manifestation of the Source. Not some time in the future – no conditions that need to be met – no miracle required! You are perfect and complete NOW; you reflect the nature of the Source that created you so how could you be otherwise!?  

If you are not aware of your perfection (or find it difficult to accept the idea), it is only because there are aspects of your life that inhibit your ability to recognise and manifest the potential of your true Self. These inhibitions may be limitations you place upon yourself by having low expectations. They may be things you do, think or believe that are not congruent (in harmony) with your true Self. Fears, insecurities, addictions, limiting beliefs, judgement, worldly desires etc, impede expression of your true and authentic Self. When you begin to recognise the perfection inherent in, and fundamental to, all creative expressions of The Source, within yourself, you will begin to recognise it in others and suddenly, life seems to make much more sense and run much more smoothly.

To summarise: We are multi-dimensional beings that exist simultaneously on many levels of a multi-dimensional Universe. Everything that exists in the Universe (seen and unseen) is a perfect and unique manifestation of a single Source. 
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